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Trollkona: A Real Story

A little troll and her big troll out to survive civilization.

Treebyleaf McCurdy
10 May 1973
Welcome to my LJ F.A.Q!

Why no comments?
If you have a deep reaction to my writing, I would love to hear about it at livejournal@treebyleaf.com . The entries in this journal are very personal and immediate to my life. I don't like fluff, I hate off-topic remarks, I won't host flame wars, and I've learned that quick responses are almost always unhelpful. In addition, I never want to cross the line from sharing my life, to begging for sympathy. All of these give me good reasons to leave comments off and trust you to email me when you have something important to say.
(I keep another journal, Mother Huldra, where I work out more lasting thoughts and issues. All forms of feedback are welcome there.)

Do you mind if I friend you / quote you / post a link here / write a response in my journal?
I am always highly complemented when someone friends me, quotes me, posts a link to me, or takes inspiration from me.

Do you mind if I copy stuff from you without telling anybody where I got it?
I do, and I also mind when you copy from other writers without crediting them. Please, always credit your source. It's much better to have a "Web" than a bunch of sticky pieces flying around.

What is your preferred method of contact?
Email, and thank you for asking. I will respond to e-mail hours before I will respond to your phone message; if at all possible I will respond to your phone message by emailing you. Do not ring me three or more times on one day, especially if I am not picking up; to do so is an abuse of my trust and friendship.

What is your favorite color?
Butter yellow. Also grass green, red-orange, and all bright shades of blue.
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