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[Mother Huldra] 1/07/2014 01:17:00 PM

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[Reprinted as sent, July 9, 2010]

Have you been to the Kotel? Have you been to the Old City? It's the
first thing you're asked. You may have just gotten off the bus from the
airport, but have you been to the Kotel?

[Rest can be read at The Troll Family Scrapbook
[Reprinted as sent, July 17, 2010]

Have just fifteen minutes ago come from the Jaffa Gate police station
where Anat Hoffman and the WoW Sefer Torah are being held.

This morning I walked to greet the Wall and celebrate Rosh Chodesh in
the company of other women. I passed through the security checkpoint
and the guard on duty took my little bag and felt inside, gently
touching my tefillin, and let me go on.

[Rest available at The Troll Family Scrapbook
"The weakest and oldest among us can become some sort of athlete, but only the strongest can survive as spectators. Only the hardiest can withstand the perils of inertia, inactivity, and immobility."

J.H. Bland and S.M.Cooper
_Semin Arthritis Rheum_ (1984)
This is what home looks like.

Home looks like hurt and healing out in the open.

There was never time and air for my feet to heal in Jerusalem. I have
blood blisters layered on blood blisters, but the greatest pain came
from the, er, leaking between my toes.

Full entry at: The Troll Family Scrapbook.
Today I rode a bike unsupervised for the first time in 25 years.

Mental Health Action Opportunity

If you or a family member have been through "being switched" from a name brand psychiatric medication to a generic, PLEASE SEND FEEDBACK.  Even if it's only two lines, send it.  It's really, really important that we start gathering real experiences with this one.  (I know the person who runs this organization, and they are rigorous about privacy.)

Have you had any trouble when switched from a name brand medication to a generic? If so would you be willing to tell your story? Mental Health Action is very interested to know how generics are working… or not working for folks.

Please send me any stories you have and please pass on to those who may know someone who experiences difficulties.



Aug. 19th, 2010

Slaving frantically to try to record memories of trip while still fresh unexpired.

In the meantime, everyone who works in the medical profession, knows someone who works in the medical profession, or has a body, needs to read THIS:

Thank you and goodnight.