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Days before I was to leave, I took a good look at the far end of my
itinerary and finally fully realized that I was looking at a 15-hour
layover in New York City!

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Mothers say the most amazing things.

Yesterday was one of the tough days. 

By the time the car was loaded, I was wavering on my feet and could not answer my mother's simple questions.

Best Beloved turned to my mother and explained gently, "She's run out of spoons."

Without a moment's hesitation, my mother replied, "You need spoons?  I will give you spoons!"

And you know she would.  You know she would.  That is what makes it so funny.

<small>For those who want a refresher on Miserandino's "Spoon Theory", the original is here: The Spoon Theory.

Today's Health Update:

Thyroid levels approaching normal.

Liver (presumably miffed at all the attention to other body parts) now going to hell.
All you get is wet fighting dogs.

Brief facts in case *you* don't have the time to read through 12+ different articles, double-check the sources, and pull all the details into one place.

Undisputed Fact - The declared, official primary purpose of the flotilla was "to raise international awareness".  Organizer Greta Berlin has repeatedly emphasized that this flotilla is about awareness/publicity first and aid second.  The flotilla has sought out the onboard participation of as many public figures and journalists as possible.

Conjecture: The fact that according to the organizers of the flotilla itself, simply getting the aid there was never the point, may have a little something to do with why the flotilla repeatedly refused to turn aside to hand over their aid goods to be inspected and delivered into Gaza via the usual procedure-- a procedure that has been very successful getting aid into Gaza.

Undisputed Fact - One of the central organizers of this international co-operative effort is Turkish humanitarian aid organization IHH, whose leaders have made public declaration of support for Hamas and Hamas's terrorist tactics.  There has been evidence that IHH fundraising goes directly to Hamas.

Undisputed Fact - After many, many days of issuing notices to turn aside or be turned aside by being boarded, the IDF acted on this maximized-publicity public-figure-loaded operation while it was in international waters and still dark out.

Conjecture: IDF commander woke up STUPID in the middle of the night???

Undisputed Fact - IDF policy dealing with peace activists is to get a token number of soldiers on board who then inform the activists that they are now under arrest.  This has worked before.  On the seven little boats of the flotilla, this worked.  On the big boat Mavi Marmara-- which carried 500 - 600 of the flotilla's 600 - 700 passengers--  it did not work.



According to an Al-Jazeera journalist onboard, the Israelis came on board shooting and wounded the captain.  Al-Jazeera footage shows passengers standing waiting inside, a lot of life vests and some smoking, and a stretcher with a huge bloodstain.

According to IDF's *VIDEO FOOTAGE* from one of the helicoptors, as the first commando rappled down, men on deck grabbed him and threw him on to the lower deck; successive commandos were attacked with metal poles and clubs.  A commando was dogpiled on and beaten.  There are little black blurs being thrown and then everyone runs away from where they land.

According to the commandos, there were about three dozen Turkish men on deck, armed with knives, small weapons, and handthrown explosives.  The little black blurs being thrown are pre-prepared stun bombs and firebombs, and the gunfire began after the men on deck took the guns of two of the commandos who had been overwhelmed.


Undisputed Fact -  Seven IDF Commando were wounded, two in serious condition from being shot and stabbed.  Between two and three dozen of the flotilla participants were wounded, with nine dead almost immediately and at least one more in the first hour.  All wounded were immediately transported to treatment.  There are four men from the flotilla wounded, two severely, in care at Hadassah hospital, where hospital staff say three of the men are Turkish and one is Turkish or Palestinian.  Flotilla participants who are not wounded are being individually interviewed and deported; 16 have been jailed for refusing to give their identities.  An Isreali military-ordered lockdown on information is blocking further information about individual identities or the status of the wounded/dying.

Asking the Universe (hi, Universe!)

We have a biofeedback program that would be doing me a LOT of good-- but I can't sit up at my computer long enough to do the exercises.
We have a comfortable chair that can support me through the relaxation exercises, and Best Beloved is loaning me his laptop when he isn't job-hunting, net-working, cataloging, and opensource testing...

yeah... an extra laptop would REALLY help.
Anybody got one lying around?  (Hey-- how can I know if I don't ask!)  PC or MAC,  dead battery + working power cord would be just fine, does not need to do anything but run this one program.

For my "naturals"

(In the Group Health class for living with chronic conditions, people who are good at gathering and distributing resources are known as "naturals".  I like that.)

Despite many recommendations, I have not pursued acupuncture for my metabolic disorder because of the huge barrier of expense.

Then an acupuncturist we know very firmly referred me to Dr. Wang, who has started a Chinese-based "community-style" acupuncture clinic on Queen Anne with a sliding scale starting at $15. I went in today; Dr. Wang was very compassionate and thorough, the atmosphere simple and incredibly restful, and I look forward to going again.

The website, photos of the clinic, and contact information is at http://greenpointacupuncture.net/default.aspx .
A nice article about the clinic with a picture of Dr. Wang is at http://www.queenannenews.com/main.asp?SectionID=26&SubSectionID=339&ArticleID=30111

Please pass this on at your descretion.

Love always,

-- T

We get our kicks from weird places.

When I was a little girl, I loved going to Shakey's Pizza. I loved every darkened vinyl-covered inch of the place. The tables were covered with the fiercely close print and wild claims of reproduced Turn-of-the-Century advertisements.

I have just brought home a replica 1908 Sears, Roebuck, & Co. catalog, courtesy of Value Village.

I am happy as a clam at high tide.


The Great Teat of Inner SustenanceSeattle Public Library would like YOUR input on how to allocate their resources. (A "how to" that *I* always thought required long hard years of specialized graduate school, but, hey! what French-American can resist sharing her opinion?)

Here's the survey.

And here's hoping that taking this is a form of civic duty instead of providing popularity-contest ammunition against the people who are making things work. All I really wanted was one big check box that read "Please keep doing what you are doing the way you are doing it as it is saving my life."