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[Reprinted as sent, July 17, 2010]

Have just fifteen minutes ago come from the Jaffa Gate police station
where Anat Hoffman and the WoW Sefer Torah are being held.

This morning I walked to greet the Wall and celebrate Rosh Chodesh in
the company of other women. I passed through the security checkpoint
and the guard on duty took my little bag and felt inside, gently
touching my tefillin, and let me go on.

[Rest available at The Troll Family Scrapbook


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Sep. 20th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
any word on the status of Anat now?
Sep. 20th, 2010 04:38 pm (UTC)
Anat was released soon after I left; there's serious conjecture that the police were literally waiting for the last person to leave. It's still up in the air whether charges will be pressed-- I've got a video blog up at The Troll Family Scrapbook that talks more about the whole mess.

Still, I'm going to take a second here to make an example. With cheese. When the recession tanked, the rabbi at our shul announced that we were going to start following much stricter guidelines about the kashrut, the kosher-ness, of our cheese. Hechshers are the sign on the cheese that a rabbi has inspected the manufacturing and it's all okay by kosher standards, it's basically the sign of someone's word, just as one person's word can be known to be more trustworthy than another person's, some hechshers are more trustworthy than others. So now there were hechshers that our shul has always accepted that we weren't going to accept anymore. There were big complaints that this would mean spending more money for less variety.

Then our rabbi explained, Look, it's a recession. There are families who come out to worship with us on Shabbat and the luncheon with us is their only meal that day. If we're accepting cheese hechshers that they don't trust, and cheese is the main protein in the meal, then they don't get protein that day. We have to bring ourselves up to a stricter standard to include more people.

That is the basic rule of thumb that Israel's always followed, with selection of religious leaders, with public decisions regarding religion-- go by the strictest standard to include the most people.

Except, sometimes, that doesn't work.
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